Ja-ne de Abreu was born and raised in New Orleans by her parents who had migrated there from Brazil. She grew up with the best of Cajun culture and Brazilian traditions, and has frequently returned to Brazil. She graduated from the University of New Orleans with a BA in Creative Writing. Following college she worked in both Business and Finance eventually coming to Hawaii in 1998. In 2001 she found an opening for her creativity in the local film industry working on the television series Bodies in Motion with Gilad, and started her own production company involving her with local television and national shows, and multiple movie productions including The Descendants. If you are a television aficionado, you may have seen her in both the LOST and Hawaii Five-0 series.

She joined San Miguel Endocrine as our office manager and administrator in March 2011. Since mid 2014 she serves as office support. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and inventing recipes as well as eating! Dancing and Zumba are on her fun list. So if you hear music at San Miguel Endocrine that has foreign lyrics and more of a Latin beat, feel free to join in the rhythm.
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